Office Line

Clayton County Sheriff's Office

Narcotics Investigator Mark Kautman

· Investigator Mark Kautman started his law enforcement career at the McGregor Police Department in 1994, and has been with the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office since 1999.

· In 1999 Invest. Kautman was assigned to night patrol, and developed the K9 and tactical unit divisions for the Sheriff’s Office.
In 2001 Invest. Kautman was then assigned to the narcotics investigation division.
Invest. Kautman is currently a team leader, for the Tri-River Area Special Operation’s Team which consists of 6 different law enforcement agencies, including a joint team with Prairie du Chien and Crawford County Wisconsin.

Mark Kautman holds a criminal justice degree and also holds certifications in the following fields: Firearms Instructor, Sub gun Instructor, Defensive Tactics, Less lethal operations, CQB Instructor, Taser, and Chemical Agents Instructor, Center Axis Relock Instructor (tactical pistol), NTOA SWAT Supervisor/Command Course, Center for Domestic Preparedness Instructor Training Certification, WMD General Instructor, Clandestine Laboratory Response, OSHA Site Safety Supervisor, Prevention and response to Suicide Bombings Instructor, and Emergency Response Team Instructor.

As a team leader for the TRI-SOT Invest. Kautman has coordinated numerous high risk narcotics entries, including clandestine laboratory response (Level B operations), and conducted high risk warrant operations for state, federal and local authorities in apprehending wanted criminals.
· The TRI-SOT was also assigned to assist the United States Secret Service as a primary back up team for President George W. Bush.