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Clayton County Sheriff's Office


The Clayton County Sheriff's Office is currently taking applications and testing for a full time position of Dispatcher/Jailer.  The hours will vary, to include nights, weekends andholidays. Starting wage is currently $15.08 per hour, plus shift differential. Applications may be picked up at the Clayton County Sheriff's Office at 22680 230th St. Saint Olaf, Iowa, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm or printed from our website at www.claytoncountyiowasheriff .com. Applications will be accepted until 5pm July 26, 2013. Applications and a $25 testing fee (payable to the Clayton County Auditor) should be returned the Clayton County Sheriff's Office Attn. Sheriff Mike Tschirgi. A full list of benefits and job qualifications can be found on our website. Clayton County Sheriff's Office is an EOE.

Testing will be held August 03 at the Clayton County Office Building 600 Gunder Rd NE Elkader Iowa. Registration from 830-9am with testing starting promptly at 9am. Photo ID is required.


201-50.10(356,356A)Minimum standards for jail personnel.

Requirements for employment.
No person shall be recruited, selected or appointed to serve as a jail administrator or jailer unless the person:
a.  Is 18 years of age or older.
b.  Is able to read and write in English.
c.  Is of good moral character as determined by a thorough background investigation including a fingerprint search conducted of local, state and national fingerprint files.
d.  Is not by reason of conscience or belief opposed to the use of force, when appropriate or necessary to fulfill the person's duties.
e.  Has the ability to perform the essential elements of the position as defined in department job specifications.
f.  Is an appropriate candidate for employment as demonstrated by qualified psychological screening.
g.  Rescinded IAB 11/23/05 , effective 12/28/05.

Minimum standard for retention.
No employee shall be retained who has demonstrated inappropriate action beyond a reasonable degree, who is not psychologically fit for jail employment, or who has repeatedly failed to observe these rules.

Conflict of interest.
No person working in a jail shall transact any business with any prisoner nor shall any person working in a jail arrange through another party any business transaction with a prisoner. The jail shall have a written code of ethics that the jail provides to all employees. At a minimum, the code shall:
a.  Prohibit staff from using their official positions to secure privileges for themselves or others.
b.  Prohibit staff from engaging in activities that constitute a conflict of interest.

(356 ,356A )
Training for jail personnel.

Initial orientation.
Except in an emergency situation, all persons performing jail duties and dispatchers subject to performing jail duties within the confines of the jail shall meet the following requirements, and the provision of this information and training shall be documented:
a. The individual shall be fully knowledgeable of the administrative rules referring to jail standards.
The individual shall be fully knowledgeable of jail rules, written policies and procedures as adopted by the jail administrator.
c. The individual shall have been given specific orientation with respect to a prisoner's rights during confinement and procedures adopted to ensure those rights.
d. If the individual is to have access to a firearm at any time, the individual shall hold a valid permit to carry weapons issued under the authority of Iowa Code chapter 724. The individual shall be professionally trained and qualified in the use of any firearm, electric restraint control device, and chemical control agents prior to use in connection with the individual's duties at the jail.
e. The jail administrator shall record by log sheet the signature(s) of all jailers and jail supervisors attesting that they have full knowledge of the administrative rules referring to jail standards and the written policies and procedures governing the jail's operation.
f. The individual shall have been instructed in the use of required firefighting equipment and the fire and emergency evacuation plan.
g. All staff who administer medication shall be trained in accordance with the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association medication training program or other recognized medication administration course.
Training documented.
All jailers and jail administrators shall meet and document the completion of all training requirements as specified by the Iowa law enforcement academy training standards as found in -5019.1(80B) and -5019.2(80B) , Iowa Administrative Code. The jail administrator shall record by log sheet the signature(s) of all persons attending the training.

First aid.
At least one staff member on duty at the facility shall be currently trained in first aid (or the equivalent) and CPR.

Additional standards also required:
Must be at least 18 yrs of age, with a high school diploma or GED
Must have a valid Iowa Drivers license and reside within Clayton County
Must not be addicted to drugs or alcohol and be of good moral character
Must have a good command of the English language and speak and enunciate clearly
Must have good penmanship, spelling and above average typing skills
Must be able to learn to operate electronic equipment, computers, radios, etc.
Must be able to pass psychological exam, fingerprint and background checksMust be able to perform administrative support duties and be able to reach books and files which are above the head and at floor level.
Must be able to lift and carry boxes of supplies which can weigh up to 40 lbs
Must not be opposed to the use of force when necessary to fulfill duty
Must be in good physical condition and free of contagious disease as certified by Dr.
Must be able to complete all training and certifications within the required time limits as specified by state regulations.