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Feb 01

January 2019

Posted to Justice for All by Justin Flage

This 97th edition of Justice For All is an update on the fine collection program in Clayton County.

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Nov 07

October 2019

Posted to What's New in County 22 by Craig Johnson

“What’s New in County 22?”

          Lately at the sheriff’s office, we have had a lot of inmates we have been housing for other counties.  While this makes a little more work for us, we seem to be doing okay with it.  This last month we brought in over $15,000 dollars in revenue for housing inmates from other counties.  That usually jumps around quite a bit.  One month we might have a bunch of inmates and another month none.  This last month we were at around 26 or 27 inmates and our average is usually around 15.  We can hold 44 but that is divided up with various cells depending on their classification.  We have work release inmates, males, females, isolated cell, holding cell, and convicted or not convicted are also separated. 

          If it ever quits raining, I know there are a lot of farmers itching to get into the fields.  I have said it time and time again, we need to slow down and take our time.  Give the farmers a “brake”.  They are out trying to make a living like you and I.  If you come up behind a farmer never pass at the crest of a hill and do not pass if there is an intersection or I recommend driveway coming up.  A long time ago, I passed a tractor in a passing lane.  As we came up to a driveway midway through the pass, the farmer turned left without looking and we almost collided.  Just a suggestion.  Farmers are also going to be moving larger equipment down the roadways from field to field.  Please yield to them and give them a little more room.  Farmers please do not rush your harvest causing an accident and have a safe harvest.

          Also in the upcoming month, we will have Leaf lookers out that may be driving slower.  Be patient and try not to get road rage because that only makes the situation worse.  Stay alert on the roadways.  The daylight hours are diminishing more every day, which can create unfamiliar driving conditions.  Watch for pedestrians, cyclists and other roadway users. 

A DNR officer told me the other day that he believed the deer numbers are up and with the crops coming out of the fields they will be moving more.  Don’t veer for deer.  Brake don’t swerve.  If you see a deer cross the roadway, watch for more.  Deer are pack animals and rarely travel alone.  If you hit a deer, pull to the side of the road as soon as it is safe to do so.  Turn on your hazard lights and call 911 or our office. 

And if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me anytime, e-mail me at, or stop by to see me.

Thanks and be safe,

Sheriff Mike Tschirgi