Disaster Recovery Committee


The Clayton County Disaster Recovery Committee (CCDRC) was formed in 1999 after major flooding. Additional needs were identified when the traditional services were not enough for recovery from the disaster and that there were many un-met needs left to be addressed within the county.
June 2008 Elkader Flood Aerial Shot


The CCDRC is a locally based organization with membership that consist of voluntary agencies, Interfaith, private sector businesses and government agencies such as Community Action.

When a disaster occurs, local communities must have the ability to maximize their resources. The CCDRC is the unmet needs committee that through collective resources and networking, gives the local community the mechanism to accomplish the task.


The mission of the Clayton County Disaster Recovery Committee is To coordinate the disaster recovery efforts in Clayton County for individuals of disasters striving to serve the full range of human needs and interfacing with ecumenical, service agencies, and organizations with unmet needs.