Tax Levies

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Property tax levies are assessed to all owners of property in the county in order to fund the services the county provides to its residents. The total levy rate varies from one taxing district to the next; it is a combination of county, city or township, school district and special levies.

All local levying authorities certify their taxes to the county auditor to be levied and collected by the county. It is the duty of the county treasurer to collect and disperse property taxes to the appropriate authority.

Tax levy rates are expressed in dollars and cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation. The amount of tax due for the year is calculated using the property's assessed value as of eighteen months before the beginning of the current fiscal year. The county's fiscal year begins on July 1 so in 2011, property taxes were based on the assessed value of the property on January 1, 2010. The property value is adjusted by exemptions and any rollback that may apply. This value is multiplied by the total levy rate to come up with the total tax due for the current fiscal year.