The Clayton County Sheriff's Office currently employs 13 Reserve Deputies. The Reserve Deputies have completed 80 hours of training as outlined by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and have also completed 40 hours of supervised on-duty time to become state certified reserve peace officers.

The 80 hours of training was broken down into six individual training modules with a supervised test at the completion of each module. The training ranged from report writing to hands on emergency vehicle operation. Reserve Deputies attend many training's throughout the year, ranging from firearms certification courses to defensive tactics training. Many of the Reserve Deputies also maintain a full time job, leading them to balance work, training's and modules, and work at the Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office uses the Reserve Deputies to supplement its full time force. The Reserve Deputies are routinely used for special assignments including the Clayton County Fair, Special Traffic Enforcement Checkpoints, prisoner transports, mental committal transports, security at crime scenes, courthouse security and filling in open patrol shifts for the county and for cities when needed.

The County's Reserve Deputies are listed below:
  • John Bell
  • Grant Doeppke
  • Greg Glawe
  • Danielle McNally
  • Chris Scott
  • Brandon Taylor
  • Bruce Trapp
  • Steve Trumblee
  • Eric Van Horn
  • Devin Voss
  • Colm Young
  • Joe Zittergruen