Sue Meyer, County Recorder

The County Recorder is elected to four-year terms, and their offices are located at the County Court House.


The County Recorder shall record at length all instruments of record which may be filed with her for recording consisting principally of deeds, mortgages, contracts, assignments, affidavits, releases, condemnation proceedings, veterans' records, plats, leases and other miscellaneous papers. The following are some of the Recorders duties:
  • Collects the Iowa Real Estate Transfer Tax for the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance
  • Custodian of birth, death, and marriage records and issue certified copies of these records
  • Furnish certified copies of instruments of record in the office
  • Issues boat, snowmobile, and ORV registration certificates and boat titles
  • Issues hunting, fishing and trapping licenses, trout and duck habitat stamps
  • Issues marriage licenses
  • Process passport photos
  • Records UCC financing statements
  • Reports to the Board of Supervisors quarterly a statement of fees collected
  • Reports to Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and makes payment of fees collected