Engineer / Secondary Roads

Casey Stickfort, County Engineer

The County Engineer is appointed by the Board of Supervisors annually. The Engineer's office is located at the County Office Building. Responsibilities of the County Engineer include:
  • Design and submit all plans to the Iowa Department of Transportation and County Auditor
  • Direct and supervise all construction and maintenance work
  • File an annual report to the Iowa Department of Transportation, accounting for all monies spent on all roads and bridges in the county secondary road system
  • Inspect contract road, bridge and culvert projects
  • Plan all road, bridge and culvert projects on secondary road systems
  • Responsible for the efficient, economical and good faith performance of all projects in the county's secondary road system

Weed Commissioner & Roadside Vegetation

The Weed Commissioner is appointed annually by the Board of Supervisors.

It is the duty of this position to remind property owners of the need to eradicate noxious weeds growing on their property and if no action is taken by the land owner, cause such action to occur and bill the costs back to the landowner. This position also is responsible for the eradication of noxious weeds in county road right of way and the care of other vegetation growing in the right of way.