Party Caucuses

The Iowa presidential caucuses are conducted by the political parties and not by our office. You must be registered to vote to participate in the caucuses, but you may register or change your registration at the caucus site. You must register with the party whose caucus you attend (only registered Democrats can participate in the Democratic caucus, only registered Republicans can participate in the Republican caucus). The political parties also hold caucuses in non-presidential years to elect precinct chairs and other party officials, discuss party platforms, and conduct other business. The parties are not required by law to hold their caucuses on the same date, but have traditionally done so.

Information About the Next Caucuses

When: January or February, even numbered years
Next Caucus: February 3, 2020
Last Caucus: February 5, 2018
Where to Vote: Precinct caucus sites set by parties
Democratic Caucus Site Lookup (Iowa Democratic Party site)
Republican Caucus Site Lookup (Republican Party of Iowa site)

Who May Participate: All persons who will be eligible to vote by general election date
Partisan Election? Yes
Absentee Voting Allowed? No, must attend in person
Paid for by: Political parties